About Us

My name is Jasmina Nikolić and I am a Phibrows and Phinails master at the PhiAcademy of Branko Babić.

I have been professionally engaged in creating and modelling nails for longer than 15 years. I have completed all training, from the basic one to the master educator (ten-year-long experience as a master educator in the Netherlands and Germany). I have participated in a number of international competitions in nail modelling, including the first open International Balkan Championship in Belgrade, nail classic category, and won the first prize with the unanimous decision of the judges.
It is my honour and pleasure to show you all the secrets of my long experience and to actively participate in your acquiring of this skill. I am grateful for the trust you have given me. I will do my best so that we could reach this common goal. My greatest satisfaction will be if you recommend me to your colleagues one day. Welcome to the world of PhiNails!
First of all, I would like to point out that the rule number one at our course is – safety, and then the beauty of the nail. Apart from decorating, caring for, and technically creating nails, our job is to take care not to endanger the health of our clients in any way.

For that reason, before we start with our course, our goal is to draw your attention to the most important point all of us should bear in mind when a client takes the seat opposite us.

Nails have a very complex role. Even though it seems to us that they are just body ornaments, their function is much more complex.